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Ruthellens Custom Mini Creations
Handmade Canopy Beds,Bed Sets,Designer Drapes, NEW Period Dressed Dolls and Dressforms
Miniature Designs
Georgia's only dollhouse and miniature shop that offers a showroom of 4000 square feet filled with doll house miniatures. Miniature Designs not only offers custom dollhouses but a wide selection of assembled dollhouses, dollhouse kits, room boxes.
Colvin Dolls
Amazingly believable, historically accurate 1/12th scale characters with BIG personality. All Colvin Dolls are hand-sculpted and one of a kind.
dbaminis by dorys barahona
handmade micro dolls, bears and friends
Cristina Artdoll Studio
Cristina Caballero's one of a kind character dolls.
Mini Mannequins
Individually dressed 1/12th scale porcelain dolls, doll kits & dress patterns - Bring your dollshouse to life
Lilyelf Miniatures
A world of Dolls,Fabric, Haberdashery and Miniature Marvels
Vynette's Miniature Dolls
Miniature Porcelain Dolls of Distinction by Vynette
Mike Barbour Miniature Character Dolls
Realistic OOAK 1/12 scale art dolls, character figures and accessories for miniature collectors and dollhouse miniatures enthusiasts.
Nantasy Fantasy
Over 500 unique handcrafted items; character dolls, miniature scientific instruments, miniature medical instruments and amazing miniature musical instruments.
Jill Castoral
Artisan miniatures including porcelain and resin dolls, miniature accessories and unusual furniture and dollhouse kits in 1/12th, half, and quarter scales. Vintage style Holiday accessories. Antique miniatures. Classes.
Mini Doll Kits
Your number one source for 1/12 scale resin miniature doll kits and supplies. Our highly detailed resin kits are perfect for the do-it-yourself crafter and doll maker and are made to fit 1/12 scale dollhouses and room boxes.
Noemí Pascual’s Miniature Babies
One of a kind miniature baby dolls in 1/12th scale by IGMA Artisan Noemi Pascual.
Elegant Dollhouse
Shop in Sacramento, California, offering everything needed to build, paint, electrify, decorate, furnish and accessorize a dollhouse. Artisan dolls, furniture and accessories. Kits, assembled houses and room boxes also available.
Petit Connoisseurs
A dollhouse miniatures online boutique showcasing artisan miniatures made especially for the serious-minded collector.
A Fairy Walk
Handmade OOAK fantasy art dolls, fairies, elves, dollhouse holiday miniatures and accessories by IGMA Artisan Judith Orr.
Viola's Dolls
The miniature porcelain dolls of Viola Williams.
Happiness Is... Miniatures
Handmade 1/12 scale antique reproduction miniature furniture for dollhouses and collectors, unique miniature porcelain dolls, doll making tools.
OOAK 1/12th scale hand dressed and hand wigged dolls.
The Hidden Hollow
Hand-crafted OOAK Dollhouse Miniatures
Dolls and Minis
Dollhouse store in Ohio offering miniature building supplies, lighting, furniture, accessories and porcelain doll repair.
Lone Wolf Miniature Creations
Miniature Porcelain Doll Showroom featuring dollhouse scale miniature dolls from around the world.
Julie Campbell Doll Artist
beautiful and unique miniature dolls in 12th scale by IGMA Artisan Julie Campbell
Gina Bellous Dolls
Original Miniature Porcelain Dolls are 1/12th scale dollhouse dolls. They are sculpted of porcelain & some in ploymer clay. Original miniature doll molds are now available. Painted doll kits and blank doll kits as well as online classes are available
Kate Bochenski Miniatures
Handcrafted miniature dolls and accessories by doll artist Kate Bochenski. Each item is scaled 1" to 1'.

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