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Palacetes & miniaturas na história e na arte
Este blogue tem por objectivo abordar as miniaturas sobre a perspectiva da História da Arte. Pretendo mostrar, discutir e explicar os critérios que orientaram a realização de um palacete de bonecas (escala 1/12) da 2ª metade do séc. XVIII.
Tout Petit Miniature
Monica Machado's miniature collection
Brunstein Miniatures
Miniature food, flowers and accessories by Graciela and Raquel Brunstein
Tiny Hobbies
Hobby blog
As The Mini World Turns
Take a look at my miniatures collection,dollhouses and roomboxes
Dolls Houses and room boxes on a budget
Patty's Dolls Houses and Hand Made Miniatures
Crafting and miniature model making in 1/12th scale for my 3 dolls houses.
Gozi's Dollhouse
The making of a one-of-a-kind dollhouse from plans designed by the builder/owner. Plenty of photos of the finished and furnished 10 room house.
Danielle Perry Miniatures
Draw some inspiration from my collection
My Miniature Creations
My collection, now for sale, has been showcased and exhibited at the Cornell Museum in Old School Square, Delray Beach, Florida. Each piece has a personal note from me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have building it.
clmt's Miniature World
My blog is to show off the miniature town of Facetious, a few select homes, businesses and people and their history. I began to build in 1997 but Facetious is situated in the years 1860-1914.
Annie's Dollhouses & Dolls
Tour Mossy Manor fairy house, Fairy Hollow log house, a Victorian home and more!
Muscka's Mini Mania
My web page dedicated to my personal miniature collection
Brigitte's This'n'that
One of my many hobbies is my dollhouse. You're welcome to take a look at my dollhouse and my miniatures.
le mini di Pierluigi
Dollshouse, roombox, furniture, flowers, etched items
My dolls house built from scratch. Just a click will enlarge rooms to see details clearly.
Shirl's Miniature World
Rosetown- my private collection of houses and shops etc.
Photos and more of my miniature dollhouses.
Randall's Lost New York City
I am building a 1/12 scale model of part of an 1898 tenement house using individual bricks cut from cherry, my first mini project
A gallery of finished roomboxes and dollhouses
A baby room
Handmade baby bedroom, with needworking and woodturning.
Melba's Miniatures
Pictures of projects in 1" and 1/2" scale
Various mini pieces, with needlework a speciality. Mini quilts and embroideries.
Maggie's Multiflorals - Florist Shop
My first attempt at making a dolls house from scratch - I'm delighted with it - I hope you approve!
MiniMas Miniatures
Sharing my minis

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