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My dolls house built from scratch. Just a click will enlarge rooms to see details clearly.
Shirl's Miniature World
Rosetown- my private collection of houses and shops etc.
Photos and more of my miniature dollhouses.
Randall's Lost New York City
I am building a 1/12 scale model of part of an 1898 tenement house using individual bricks cut from cherry, my first mini project
A gallery of finished roomboxes and dollhouses
A baby room
Handmade baby bedroom, with needworking and woodturning.
Melba's Miniatures
Pictures of projects in 1" and 1/2" scale
Various mini pieces, with needlework a speciality. Mini quilts and embroideries.
Maggie's Multiflorals - Florist Shop
My first attempt at making a dolls house from scratch - I'm delighted with it - I hope you approve!
MiniMas Miniatures
Sharing my minis
Karmic Pull
Larry Fuller and Jo Abbey's Miniatures, Art and home to Tucson Miniature Society
The Collection of Sally Wallace
The Making of MeGusta!
Step-by-step blog about building and decorating a mini Mex restaurant - from Italy
Villa Monica
1:12 scale model of a 19th century house, based on a drawing.
Ciša Braga Miniatures
Dolls house miniatures and handicraft
Jan's Place
A site dedicated to my dollhouses & miniatures.
Die-cast miniatures
The Dollhouse
Pictures of decorated Victorian Dollhouse & roomboxes
Elkes Miniatures
My personal website with my various handmade minis in 1", 1/2",1/4 and 1/144 scale (dolls,bears,minifood,rbs and so on)
Sals Stitches
My miniatures, including a 1/24th scale house
Kathy's Miniatures
The miniature collection of Kathy Centracchio. Professor Snape's Office, Spinner's End, Alan Rickman's Dressing Room (all Harry Potter-related), Christmas scenes, Irish House, Centracchio's Ristorante restaurant, Marion's log cabin and more!
Carol's Compound
Houses and outbuildings
dolores poppenhuis
I make a lot of diferend things I like to paint an make fimo food.
personal collection of dollhouses and DIY miniatures
Minna's Doll World
Blog about decorating dollhouses, making dollhouse miniatures and collecting dollhouse dolls.

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